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Public Policy Statement

Adopted by the Coastal Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors – November 21st, 2022

The Coastal Association of REALTORS® (CAR) believes that property ownership is the basis of economic stability and strong communities. The glue that holds a community together is made of the collective desire of homeowners, business owners, and renters to lead productive and meaningful lives, and interact in a positive manner. REALTORS® and affiliated real estate professionals are at the forefront of community stabilization and growth, as they work to encourage people to establish their roots on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore.

The focus of CAR’s advocacy efforts are as follows.

Private Property Rights: The protection of private property rights is the cornerstone of the real estate industry, and CAR supports initiatives that are designed to protect these rights. CAR opposes any legislation and regulatory efforts to unnecessarily hinder these rights, which are inherent to all Americans.

Affordability: The cost and availability of housing is directly related to supply and accessibility of financing. CAR supports legislation and programs that assist in removing financial barriers to property ownership. CAR also supports the ability of a property owner to maintain their investment in the most affordable and appropriate way possible.

Community Outreach: A community is only as strong as the bond between its people, and as residents of the Lower Eastern Shore, REALTORS® and affiliated real estate professionals care about their neighbors. The Coastal REALTORS® Foundation provides grant funding for local organizations supported by our members. CAR and its members also work to make our communities a better place for current and future residents through Placemaking projects and Habitat for Humanity builds.

Diversity: The Coastal Association of REALTORS® represents many members in diverse communities throughout the eastern shore. We celebrate the difference in not only our members but the communities we serve. We strive to foster an environment where diversity and inclusion are integrated into our core values. By championing fair housing standards and encouraging home ownership and financial literacy we hope to create communities free from bias and exclusion for any reason.

REALTOR® Champions: CAR supports local political candidates who support the real estate industry. These “REALTOR® champions” are advocates for a successful real estate industry that is conducive to a high quality of life, as well as economic stability and growth. They know that if REALTORS® are successful, a community is successful, and vice versa.

The Coastal Association of REALTORS® is fortunate enough to represent over 1,000 real estate professionals in Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties. These members are engaged, informed, and active in their communities. They support the American dream of homeownership, as well as the purchase and use of all types of real property. They are local. They are accurate. They are trusted. They are REALTORS® and affiliate members.

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