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About Us

The territorial jurisdiction of the Coastal Association of REALTORS®, as a local chapter of the National Association of REALTORS®, is Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties in the state of Maryland.


The Coastal Association of REALTORS® (CAR) exists to provide advocacy and services that enhance the professionalism and success of its REALTOR® and Affiliate members.

Strategic Plan


  • REALTOR® & Consumer Advocacy
  • Education & Professionalism
  • Industry Connections and Networking


CAR Is/Will

  • Pledge to maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.
  • Welcome and respect the diversity of our members and our communities.
  • Pledge ourselves to maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.
  • Committed to excellence
  • Deliver value via focused strategic & cores services-based approach
  • Provide offerings to focus on member efficiency, knowledge & business growth
  • Forward thinking and will operate with integrity, respect & transparency
  • Communicate in a diverse, integrated, and measurable way


  • Commit to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels and throughout all programs.
  • Members find value in, participate & respect CAR
  • Members conduct their business with the highest professional & ethical standards
  • Members are informed and knowledgeable about real estate issues and trends
  • Members are aware of & utilize Core Services Area benefits
  • CAR leverages internal/external resources to maximize the impact of the Association
  • Public policy/regulations are favorable for Real Estate
  • Consumers recognize the value of the REALTOR®


  • Conduct a Comprehensive Revenue Assessment and Develop a Diversification Strategy to Increase Service Levels & Revenue
  • Create an Effective REALTOR® Program to Increase Awareness, Impact and Value
  • Utilize Community Outreach with CAR’s Advocacy Program to Support the Value of the REALTOR®





Adopted May 14, 1957

Revised as of March 2023




Section 1. – Name.  The name of this organization shall be the COASTAL ASSOCIATION

OF REALTORS® OF MARYLAND, INCORPORATED; hereinafter referred to as the


Section 2. – REALTORS®. – Inclusion and retention of the Registered Collective Membership Mark REALTORS® in the name of the Association shall be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® from time to time amended.


The objectives of the Association are:

Section 1.  To unite those engaged in the recognized branches of the real estate profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and related interests.


Section 2.  To promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.


Section 3.  To provide a unified medium for real estate owners and those engaged in the real estate profession whereby their interests may be safeguarded and advanced.


Section 4.  To further the interest of home and other real property ownership.


Section 5.  To unite those engaged in the real estate profession in this community with Maryland REALTORS® and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, thereby furthering their own objectives throughout the state and nation and obtaining the benefits and privileges of membership therein.


Section 6.  To designate, for the benefit of the public, individuals authorized to use the terms REALTOR® and REALTORS® as licensed, prescribed, and controlled by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.


Contact Us

314 Franklin Ave, Suite 106, Berlin, MD 21811


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